God Fights

In Genesis 32-33, Jacob the schemer, the manipulator and the deceiver finally learns that he must contend with God, not with man.In the 20 years since he last saw Esau, Jacob has learned the importance of being reconciled to his brother. Jesus taught this as well. (Matthew 5:23-24) Now, on his way to reconcile with Esau … Continue reading God Fights

God Hears and God Acts

As I read Genesis 21:1-21, a couple of things jumped out at me: God keeps his promises. (verses 1-2) The Bible is a covenant agreement between God and His people. Although we are often faithless, as we have seen in Abraham's life over and over, God never drops his end of the deal. (Romans 3:3-4, 2 Timothy … Continue reading God Hears and God Acts

Simeon & Anna Waiting for God to Act

Jesus was born into and grew up in a distinctively Jewish culture, with its many traditions and rituals. He spoke out against many of these during his three years of ministry as an adult, not because there was anything wrong with the traditions and rituals in themselves, but because people (specifically the religious leaders of … Continue reading Simeon & Anna Waiting for God to Act

A Praying Life, by Paul E. Miller

"Prayer is where I do my best work as a husband, dad, worker and friend.  I'm aware of the weeds of unbelief in me and the struggles in others' lives.  The Holy Spirit puts his finger on issues that only he can solve.  I'm actually managing my life through my daily prayer time.  I'm shaping … Continue reading A Praying Life, by Paul E. Miller