Recovering Redemption

A mom home with her four preschoolers got devastating news in the form of a phone call from her husband: “I’m not coming home…ever.” Persistent depression hounded a young pastor since childhood, even after he fell deeply in love with Jesus as a college student. A teenage athlete from a nominally Christian home chased girls, … Continue reading Recovering Redemption

Redeeming Marriage in Community

Marriage is hard. Even in the best marriages, the heart of each spouse tends to turn inward and build the kingdom of self. Most of my marriage counseling clients at least claim to be believers in Christ. Most of them regularly attend a bible-teaching church. Most of them are in some kind of small group … Continue reading Redeeming Marriage in Community

God-Centered Affirmation is Hard Work!

Sam Crabtree has written an important book. I knew that I needed to read Practicing Affirmation: God-Centered Praise of Those Who Are Not God as soon as I found out about it. And if you are a parent, boss, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, pastor, teacher, mentor or friend, there is a good chance that you … Continue reading God-Centered Affirmation is Hard Work!