The Word Who Creates and Sustains Everything Became Flesh

You really can't meditate on the significance of Christmas without coming back repeatedly to the prologue to John's gospel. It is worth looking at John 1:1-3, 14 again here. These rich verses point out clearly that Jesus is eternal ("in the beginning" Jesus was there), and that he is the embodiment of God's complete revelation … Continue reading The Word Who Creates and Sustains Everything Became Flesh

Christmas From 30,000 Feet

It is possible to get so caught up in the details of Christmas that we lose the overall significance of this amazing God-becoming-man miracle called the incarnation. Take some time this week to step out of the details and take a 30,000 foot fly-over of what really happened at the incarnation. To do that, I … Continue reading Christmas From 30,000 Feet

Enormous Sin, Extravagant Gospel

Is the Christian life about doing more and trying harder, or is about resting in what Christ has already done? Is it about your performance for God, or His performance for you? The answers to those questions reveal whether you are trusting in a false gospel of "Christianity And" or the gospel of biblical Christianity … Continue reading Enormous Sin, Extravagant Gospel

Obedience For God’s Glory and Our Joy

As a biblical counselor and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I have been thinking quite a bit lately about the 20th chapter of the Old Testament book of Numbers. I really sympathize with Moses in this passage, even though Moses is the one who gets in trouble with the Lord here. Moses … Continue reading Obedience For God’s Glory and Our Joy

Purification From Death

Don't overlook passages in the Old Testament that don't appear at first glance to have anything to do with the gospel or with New Testament Christianity. Case in point - Numbers 19, which has the gospel written all over it! Death (both spiritual and physical) is a big deal in the Bible. It is a … Continue reading Purification From Death

“I Am Your Inheritance”

In my reading of Numbers 18, I was struck by the last sentence in verse 20: "I am your portion and your inheritance among the people of Israel." Read all of Numbers 18 for context. When you come to verse 20, you might want to underline the last sentence, because this is an important promise. … Continue reading “I Am Your Inheritance”

Aaron’s Staff Buds

You don't have to read the Bible for very long before you observe a predictable pattern that continues today. With some variations, the pattern usually progresses something like this: God's people are in trouble in some way. God rescues them in some way (often a miraculous way, to preclude any doubt that God was the … Continue reading Aaron’s Staff Buds