Preparation for Greatness

Israel has been rescued from bondage in Egypt and is getting ready for the big task to which God has called them - the conquest and occupation of the land that God has been promising them through their patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph since Genesis 12. So far in Numbers 1-6, God has counted them (to … Continue reading Preparation for Greatness

Cleansing and Blessing

In the first 10 chapters of Numbers, God is preparing the people as an army to conquer the land He has been promising them since Genesis 12. In preparation for the march to the Holy Land, the camp of Israel must be purged of all uncleanness, and this is the topic of Numbers 5-6. Far from being … Continue reading Cleansing and Blessing

Being His Man

Numbers 3 is all about the priests that served in Israel. Aaron (Moses’ brother) and his family were Israel’s priests, the sons of Levi (one of the original twelve sons of Jacob). So, when you read “Levites” in the Bible, you can substitute the word “priests.” The two main tasks of the Levites included: (1) guarding the … Continue reading Being His Man

A Large Nation with a Large Army

As previously mentioned, the Hebrew name for the book of Numbers is "In the Wilderness," which is a lot more accurate name than the English name, Numbers. The English name comes from the fact that in Numbers 1:2, God commands Moses to take a census of all the people of Israel. In this census, God demonstrates … Continue reading A Large Nation with a Large Army