Priorities in Finding A Godly Spouse from Genesis 24

In Genesis 24, Abraham decides that it is time for his beloved son Isaac to have a wife. Now, in Abraham's day, as in some places in the world still today, marriages were "arranged" by the families of the bride and groom. So, like all good dads of his time and place in history, Abraham arranged … Continue reading Priorities in Finding A Godly Spouse from Genesis 24


Where Israel is Headed: Blessings from Jacob

When Jacob is close to death, he pronounces a variety of blessings on all his sons. The first part of this process is recorded in this Genesis 48 and focuses specifically on Joseph and his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Ephraim receives from Jacob the blessing of the firstborn, indicating that the special line traced throughout … Continue reading Where Israel is Headed: Blessings from Jacob

God Brings His People to Egypt

In Genesis 46, the entire family/nation of Israel moves to Egypt, where they will remain for a little over 400 years because God brought them there as part of His purpose and plan. There are few things that the Bible is clearer on than the sovereignty of God. God decrees some things to happen and allows … Continue reading God Brings His People to Egypt

No Reconciliation Without Repentance

The Bible claims to be the "living and active" Word of God. It is not simply a story of people who lived a long time ago and interacted with God. It is our story. We are to find ourselves in the story. We are to not simply read the Bible, but allow it to read … Continue reading No Reconciliation Without Repentance

Can We Find a Man Like This?

Prison is not much of a reward for successfully fighting temptation, and not a typical one. But that is exactly where Joseph found himself after Potiphar's wife framed him because she was angry that he wouldn't let her seduce him. Put yourself in Joseph's position. His only real sin thus far, at least as far … Continue reading Can We Find a Man Like This?

Two Brothers: Joseph

Joseph and Potiphar's wife is the second of the two narratives in Genesis 38 & 39 that make some important contrasts between two of Israel's most prominent sons - Judah and Jacob. Here is the first. Joseph handles temptation in a much better way in Genesis 39 than Judah did in the previous chapter, yet his reward … Continue reading Two Brothers: Joseph

Two Brothers: Judah

Genesis 38 and 39 tell an interesting story when read back-to-back. The families of Judah and Joseph will become the two most prominent clans in the nation of Israel. Joseph's children will receive the blessing that normally would go to the firstborn son, which Reuben lost because of what happened in Genesis 35:22. Judah's family, which will … Continue reading Two Brothers: Judah