On that first Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem to cries of, “Please save!” (“Hosanna!”). (Matthew 21:1-11) Within days, many of those same people were crying, “Crucify him!”. (Matthew 27:22-23)

The palm branches that they waved at Jesus were symbols of military victory and nationalistic power, but Jesus rode in on a donkey – a symbol of humility and sacrifice.

The wanted Jesus to save them, they just had the wrong enemy in mind. We usually do too.

They wanted Jesus to save them from the oppressive Roman government. He came to save them (and us) from pride, self-righteousness, self-centeredness, idolatry – sin. Our sin. We are our worst enemy. We need to be saved from ourselves.

When you sing “Hosanna” this morning, what are you asking Jesus to save you from?