If you only read one book on the Christian view of sex, please read Sex and the Supremacy of Christ.  Compiled from sermons delivered at Piper’s 2004 Desiring God National Conference on this topic, Sex and the Supremacy of Christ utilizes a wide variety of contributors to develop the ideas that the Bible has a lot to say about sex, that shame and our culture have clouded our understanding of God’s wisdom in this area, and that sex is designed to be a pointer to, not a substitute for, God. With these considerations in mind, the authors discuss candidly God and Sex (Part One), Sin and Sex (Part Two), Men and Sex (Part Three), Women and Sex (Part Four), and History and Sex (Part Five) in a way that is biblically faithful and practically helpful. Mark Dever’s chapter on The Puritans on Sex in Part Five is alone worth the price of the book. It belongs on the shelf of biblical counselors, pastors, and anyone who cares what God has to say about sex.