As evidenced by the quantity and quality of marriage books I’ve reviewed here, there are several good gospel-centered books on marriage, written in a variety of styles and covering almost every conceivable topic related to the subject. Until this year, I have used one of more of these books for premarital counseling as well, because I didn’t know of a solid workbook to help a couple prepare for a Christ-exalting marriage. Well-respected biblical counselor John Henderson has filled that void with Catching Foxes: A Gospel-Guided Journey to Marriage. I have already begun using this book in my premarital counseling, and it is simply outstanding. Written in a semi-interactive workbook format, Catching Foxes guides couples through a 12 to 24 week course of premarital counseling to help an engaged couple prepare for marriage prayerfully and thoughtfully. Couples are encouraged to walk through the material with the help of an older, wise, Christ-loving couple if possible. Catching Foxes would also be suitable for teaching in a large-group or small-group format. It is gospel-rich and profoundly practical. I can’t imagine myself using or recommending any other resource for premarital counseling. Check out this excerpt from the preface of the book.

Lee Lewis, Groups Pastor at The Village Church, writes this about Catching Foxes:

“Self-centered views of accountability, relational chemistry, and personal needs are too often the focus of preparation and counseling toward marriage. Catching Foxes provides a Christ-focused, gospel-saturated alternative. Couples need to see that marriage has been given by God to provide a beautiful picture of Christ and the church. He has given marriage to fulfill and illustrate His mission in the world. They need to see how the gospel connects to their everyday married life. I think this book can help them make the connection.”

If you are a pastor or church leader charged with helping couples prepare for marriage, or if you are an engaged couple desiring to identify and catch the “little foxes” before they ruin the vineyard of your marriage (Song of Solomon 2:15), you will find this book very helpful.