Every Christian who struggles with anxiety, fear, worry, panic and the like should read Running Scared: Fear, Worry & the God of Rest, by Ed Welch. Likewise, pastors, counselors, parents and others who shepherd those struggling with anxiety, fear, and worry should also read this very helpful book. If we’re honest, to some extent, all of us are in one of these categories. Many of us are in both. As Welch, one of the most respected writers and practitioners in the growing field of biblical counseling, points out:

“Fear is natural to us. We don’t have to learn it. We experience fear and anxiety even before there is any logical reasoning for them.” (p. 19)

I think that’s what gives this book its universal appeal. Everyone can, on some level, relate to fear and worry. Our fears and worries reveal our idols – and we all have them. Says Welch, “Fear and worry are not mere emotions; they are expressions of what we hold dear.” (p. 161) Particularly helpful were the sections of the book devoted to worries about money, fear of man, and fear of death. I am a big fan of everything that Ed Welch writes. This may be his best work to date.

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