I just read John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor, by Dr. Robert Godfrey. I hadn’t really planned to read this book, but while I was at my in-law’s house for Christmas my mother-in-law showed it to me and asked if I had read it. I admitted that I hadn’t, and then felt like I should look over a few pages of it. I had actually brought several books that I planned to read on the trip, but they didn’t get read. Instead, I immersed myself over a couple of days into Calvin’s fascinating life and ministry. Having never read a comprehensive biography of Calvin before, I had nothing with which to compare this volume. Indeed, I don’t think a great deal had been written on Calvin’s life prior to his 500th birthday in 2009, when this book and several others were penned. Godfrey focuses the bulk of this biography on Calvin’s immense contribution to reformed theology. Godfrey left me wanting more detail on Calvin the man, but he explained that much of Calvin’s personal life was left a mystery by Calvin himself. While John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor may leave you wanting more, it is a compelling introduction to Calvin’s life and ministry.

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