The Bible gets off to such a great start in Genesis 1. “In the beginning, God…” Before there was anything or anyone else, God was. He created the sun, the moon, the stars, everything…and it was all “very good” (verse 31). The God to whom we pray is not some genie to serve us, He is GOD. Remember that the next time you pray. Remember that when, like now, you’re reading His Word. He is God. And He does not exist to entertain, or to be there for us when we decide we’re ready for Him, or to meet our needs. He exists to be worshipped.

Now, check out the beauty that is Genesis 1:26. The God who created heaven and earth and everything that exists, created us to glorify Him by bearing His image in that creation. You and I were created to bear His image in this world, the “imago dei” (image of God). The use of the pronoun “us” here is the first hint of the trinitarian nature of God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. In fact, several key Christological passages affirm Jesus being around at the beginning as Creator (John 1:1-3Colossians 1:16, and Hebrews 1:1-2).

Again, please take a minute to let this sink in. You and I were created to worship God by bearing the image of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in creation. I don’t know about you, but I am a lousy image-bearer for God. (Actually, I do know about you, and you are an equally lousy image-bearer for God.) The fact that our image is such a poor representation of God in this world is due to sin, which will come into the picture in Genesis 3 and quickly ruin the beautiful creation we see here in Genesis 1. We see in Romans 1:25, exactly what the problem is – we have exchanged the truth about God for a lie and chosen to worship the creation instead of the Creator. We’re bearing the wrong image! But I am getting ahead of myself.

For today, just bask in Genesis 1 and realize that it isn’t supposed to be the way it is. We were created to bear the imago dei – the image of God! We were created to rule and to reign over the creation, rather than to worship and serve it!

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