I can’t wait to get Jared Wilson’s forthcoming book Gospel Wakefulness, but it isn’t coming out until Halloween of 2011. Maybe Crossway will send me a copy to review. 🙂

I recommend you pre-order it here.  Until then, think about this quote from the book:

“If God’s formula for gospel wakefulness necessitates brokenness, it is any wonder then that Christianity in the persecuted world is flourishing? If the blood of the martyr is, as Tertullian claims, the seed of the church, the sluggish blood of the comfortable is the seed of religious complacency.”

“President Obama wanting to speak to elementary school kids about health care is not persecution. Retail stores replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” is not persecution. Your town hall removing the Ten Commandments from its hallway is not persecution. Many of us may look like whiny babies to the church in the Two-Thirds World.”

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