Today I was reflecting on the Magnificat, Mary’s beautiful song of praise to God in Luke 1. Mary spent the first three months or so of her pregnancy at the home of her older relative Elizabeth, who would be the mother of John the Baptist. After Elizabeth’s blessing, Mary worshipped God for his grace towards her with this song in Luke 1:46-55

Now, you need to keep in mind that Mary is facing a very difficult road ahead. Yes, God has blessed her to be the human mother of the Lord. But this blessing is going to result in many trials for Mary. For one thing, she is unmarried and pregnant. When she returns to the small town of Nazareth (just as her pregnancy is starting to show), she is going to have to face her fiance Joseph, who may or may not understand this whole thing. She is going to be the subject of rumors, scorn, and shame for being an “unwed mother”, which was much more of a shameful thing in her first century culture than it is now. It wasn’t very likely that many would accept the “his father is actually God” explanation that the angel gave her. Not only that, she is going to have to face the unbelievable responsibility of raising the Son of God.

But for now, she is content to worship God for today’s provision, and trust Him with tomorrow’s uncertainty.
Check out what she says about God:
  • He has looked on her humble state – now future generations will call her blessed
  • He has done great things for her
  • Holy is His name
  • He shows mercy to those who fear Him
  • He is strong
  • He scatters the proud
  • He brings down the mighty from their thrones
  • He exalts the humble
  • He fills the hungry with good things
  • He sends the rich away empty
  • He has not forgotten His people
You have no idea what tomorrow holds for you, and neither do I. I don’t have any idea what it holds for me, either. What I do know is that God is good, and He does good. He is enough. And that is enough for me. I am praying that it will be enough for you, too!

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