Win or lose, baseball isn’t ultimate for Josh Hamilton. Check out the vid to find out what is.

Upon being selected MVP of the 2010 American League Championship Series, Hamilton said, “Well, it’s not the top of the mountain until I get to stand in front of my savior one day. The biggest thing is giving glory to God. That’s the reason I am where I am at this moment at this very time. Our relationship with Christ, I mean, on a day-to-day basis keeps me on the right path. So like I said earlier, all throughout the game I was tearing up; is this going to be it tonight, and thinking about where I was, and everything I went through, and how God was just faithful and to bring me out of it.”

If you would like to read more of Josh’s incredible story of redemption through Jesus Christ, read this article or his book Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back.

Josh’s story doesn’t have to be just an amazing story that happened to someone else. The redemption and new life that Josh Hamilton has found in Christ await all who will call on the name of Jesus and make Him their greatest treasure.

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