My friends at BluefishTV invited me to take a look at this video series they produced featuring youth speaker and author @davidnasser and hosted by Third Day’s @macpowell, and I highly recommend it.

The four-session series of DVDs was filmed on location in Israel.  Nasser, who speaks for Billy Graham Crusades, teaches from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Garden Tomb, the Temple steps, the Sea of Galilee, and the Valley of Armageddon on the ultimate question:  Why Jesus?  The adults and students in your church will never have to resolve a more important question than this one.

My favorite session was Session Four: Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?  This session deals with the climax of Jesus’ earthly ministry, the cross and the empty tomb.  Because the tomb is empty, our faith doesn’t have to be!

Each video is about 10-12 minutes long, and provides a great introduction to the session.  Leaders can then follow along with a very detailed Leader’s Guide, which provides handouts, discussion starters, and everything else you need to facilitate a provocative and insightful discussion of the material and the biblical text.

Teenagers and adults alike are bombarded by different ideas of who Jesus is.  Christ’s exclusive claims are criticized and scorned by our society.  This video series helps pastors, youth pastors and small group leaders show the truth of Jesus’ claims from a biblical perspective.

The Why Jesus? series is perfect for small groups (both youth and adult, I think), “D-Now” youth weekends and retreats, and Wednesday night or Sunday morning teaching series.

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