Over the years I have had many opportunities to chat with teenagers about a lot of topics.  Often those chats reveal thoughts, feelings and attitudes that I wish their parents knew.  So I was excited when the North American Mission Board gave me the opportunity to publish these roundtable interviews because it gave me the opportunity to keep the kids anonymous and still let parents know what their kids (or their kids’ friends) are thinking.  Of course, we also let Scripture weigh-in on each topic as well.  All of the roundtable interviews listed below were conducted with teenagers who were part of real youth groups that I pastored.  Not all of the kids were Christians, but they were all regular attenders in a church youth group.  Most of the discussions happened over Starbucks lattes and mochas.

So, check out what teenagers are thinking about…

Absolute Truth

Movie Ratings

The Power of Words

Life Purpose





Body Image



Getting Along with Parents


What girls think about boys

What boys think about girls

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